Kumusta Pamilia (How are you family)

So, another letter from Jaycee has come. And she did get permission from the people she has taken pictures of, to post those on her blog. So assuming that I can figure that out, I will post some pictures here too. I did one last week but that was days ago. Who knows if I can still remember! She also apologizes for doing bullets, but it is a quick way to write events of the week, so I don’t mind. Hopefully you won’t either.

Spiritual things first:) (there’s so many but here’s just some highlights)

  • D&C 84:88 has been read a few times but it really stuck out to me the other day. It is about the strength we receive from the Lord. Especially this past week I have felt that SO much. First of all of course during teaching our “investigators” but I’ll talk about that more later. My Kasama and I taught Sunday School and before my mission I always felt like I would struggle to find things. Well when we taught this week, it was cake and I found it so much easier to teach by the spirit. We didn’t have to teach in Tagalog thank goodness, but we taught about the power of the Atonement and we read lots of scriptures, had an object lesson, shared person experiences, watched a mormon.org video and other things. They I had to play piano for sacrament meeting… which I can play Hymns but usually in front of people I struggle! Anyways I did make mistakes but it was fine and I did okay and wasn’t nervous or anything! Also, for the special musical number, they forgot to find someone to play so they asked me to play “Be Still My Soul” which I played totally fine without practicing. So I know I have been receiving so much help! And also thanks for all the prayers that go my way cuz I’m sure those help too:)
  • Devotionals are awesome! Sunday we got to hear from Stephen B. Allen (some MTC guy) and he gave us 10 secrets for becoming a better missionary which I’ve been trying to apply. He also said something about not being a disappointment to our Heavenly Father as we serve and that it is hard work but that we are capable. That night we watched a recorded devotional by David A. Bednar that was seriously amazing. MTC devos are partly awesome cuz how many times do you get to hear an apostle talk in a cookie monster voice?! And of course it was a really good message about not just having testimonies ourselves, but by becoming fully converted by turning out like Jesus Christ did. . . perfectly.
  • So last Tuesday we weren’t early enough to sing in the choir for the devo but we are FOR SURE going to be there tonight because it guarentees us a spot in the choir for next Sunday which is Easter which means an apostle will be there! Which also means we’ll be able to take the sacrament with an apostle. Plus we’re singing “Oh How Lovely Was the Morning” tonight which sounds so pretty with all of the Elders and Sisters. Oh btw, sisters are like taking over the MTC. Especially in choir there are so many sisters that want to sing so pretty awesome.
  • Tagalog! Kay I am so thankful I am learning Tagalog and not English cuz I’m realizing how simple Tagalog is compared to English. But anyways I am still loving it, trying to learn at least 20 words a day which is so hard!, trying to SYL but haven’t done a full day of that yet but I want to. Sometimes it comes easier but it all depends on how much I’m trying to learn through the spirit. And luckily I haven’t said anything like, “Please bless your sins” like Sister Lang said in a lesson the other day haha.
  • Temple: I think I told you we went last Tuesday way early morning but we went again today and it was so good! I kind of got tired since Monday and Tuesday we have to wake up at like 5:30 but it was still good. My kasama and I always eat in the cafeteria after too which is more cafeteria food but it is just barely a level above the cafeteria here. Luckily I think I am getting used to being sick of the food if that makes sense. Can’t wait for rice and seafood though!
  • One of the nose pads on my glasses fell off the other day! So Wednesday my kasama and I are LEAVING THE MTC on a shuttle to get it fixed. That is going to be so weird but we’ll only be gone for just a bit and strictly only to fix my glasses. Luckily I’m in the MTC and luckily I have contacts.
  • Packages: Thank you so much mom and grandma!!! Easter packages were awesome. I shared with the district and my roommates and they were thankful too. Seriously, the best brownies grandma and mom thanks for the stickers (I totally wanted some just for that reason!) and thanks for the cute eggs. Oh and family thank you for the letters! I really will try to write a family letter back soon. Oh my to answer the most common question: Yes I am definitely used to being called “Sister Taylor” haha. I think everyone asked me that. But in fact, when I hear “Jaycee” that sounds weird so I’m totally a sister missionary now!
  • Oh! I almost forgot one of the coolest times this week. So yeah we finished teaching one of our investigators who is actually our teacher ha but our last lesson with him we totally had to scrap what we planned and just try to patch some Tagalog together for a lesson. Later though he told us that that was his favorite lesson with us. So when you do the planning, the Lord will help you no matter what. Saturday we got to practice one time teaching in English!! Wow that was so nice haha. But anyways, we switched off teaching the other sisters in our district. I pretended to be Lupe and they did a great job teaching. And when we taught them, Sister Sands was someone she knows that has no belief in God but has been going to church all her life. Anyways, both times the spirit was so strong. I was guided to share the perfect scripture and share a personal experience and they did the same when they taught us. And that was just fake! I can’t even imagine what it is going to be like when we teach in real life because the spirit was just so powerful. They yesterday we taught one horrible lesson, just no spirit and we were not prepared (but we did only have 10 minutes to prepare) but then at night, we taught Brother Nordstrom as Abe and it went really well! Because we were able to teach by the spirit, my Tagalog was much better and I was able to kind of piece toghether what I wanted to share.

Well Mahal Kita!!! I miss you guys but know that I’m doing great so don’t miss me too much back:)

Sister Jaycee Taylor


One thought on “Kumusta Pamilia (How are you family)

  1. What incredible energy flows through our Sister Taylor’s letters. Yet it’s her spirit which overwhelms me (this Gr’ma tingles all over). She packs the power of her commitment and enthusiasm in every word. I can just picture her flipping across the keyboard. We celebrated Landon’s birthday last Sunday with all Wells and Blaine barbecued pork. We sure did miss our Sister Taylor. As I prepare to teach GD on Easter how I’d love to portray her tremendous commitment to The Lord. Thanks Teresha for the good mother you are and thanks Nick for such a good family. We share our gratitude don’t we Sis Taylor? Love Gr’ma Hansen and Gr’pa

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