Here are some exerts from Jaycee’s first email home. She also said that the Philippines is the highest baptizing area in the world right now, even higher than missions in South America. I didn’t include the names of her companion or people in her district for privacy reasons. She also talked about missing my cooking, ha ha. So, of course I have already sent her some homemade cookies and caramels. šŸ™‚

Now from Sister Taylor:

Alright so first day:

Everyone is right. Crazy, exciting, overwhelming and just crazy. After I pulled myself together after saying one last goodbye to mom and dad, I found myself going from one line to the next, getting my name tag, checking information, getting my MTC ID card (which somehow I lost within the first 5 minutes haha. I had to go back later to the front desk and pick it up, luckily it was there, but that is how you get into ALL of the buildings, eat food in the cafeteria and for other way important things) dropping my luggage off in my room, and then going to my classroom where I met my whole district (I was the last one) and my teacher! He talked to us completely in Tagalog for all of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, which some people hated but I loved! Haha, it helped me build a little vocab, become familiar with the sound of the language and it was almost like an extended game of charades.

So the rest of the night was kind of a blurĀ of a missionary orientation (pretty neat! lots of sisters),Ā dinner (which I did not really eat because I still felt kind of sick-nervous, it was cafeteria food, and it was 4:30 in the afternoon!), a mass teaching lesson with like 50 missionaries and 1 investigator, more meetings and finally we had time to unpack at the end of the day. All in all, it was a good day but kind of stressful.

More about the language… it is AWESOME! I totes (totally) loveĀ it and I cannot get enough of it, even when we have 3 straight hours of language and 1 hour of personal language study. It has seriously been coming so easily. The second day we learned how to pray and bare testimony and then that evening we had our first lesson with our “investigator” Ramir. It went pretty good for only being at the MTC for a day and a half. But I’ve realized the best way to teach, even if it is way super broken Tagalog, is to not look at notes and try to just testify that you know these things are true. Testimony: Alam ko po na totoo ebanghelyo at ang Alak Ni Mormon. Alam ko po na mahalaga pananampalataya. Alam ko po na mapagamahal ng Diyos. Alam ko po na buhay kay Jesuscristo. Sa pangalan ni Jesuscristo, amen. Pretty cool huh! I’m already getting way excited to go to the Philippines even though I have so much to learn beforehand.Ā 

Muhual kita pamilya!

Sister Taylor


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